Good building design should not just end at the functionality of the building as it should also encompass a complete environment for the staff to eat and play, a key aspect that is of utmost importance. In answering that need, we have provided a full range of dining options and other businesses for the convenience of everyone in Cyberjaya.

It’s a known fact that everyone loves food in all its shapes and guises. So much so that it’s an integral part of our daily lives, be it while working or during our leisure time. To that end, Prima Avenue has planned and designed a multitude of dining options in collaboration with several eateries around our premises.

We are also proud to introduce a number of firsts in Cyberjaya, among which include the first 24-hours Old Town White Coffee that’s open 7 days a week. As an added bonus, it offers 24-hours sports channel and free parking to Cyberjaya residents and visitors alike. We’re also the first to introduce Starbucks and Burger King’s drive-thrus here, a feature that certainly makes dining out a fuss-free and enjoyable affair.

Our latest F&B ‘Outdoor Container Concept’ is both current and edgy to suit the preferences of the younger crowd in Prima Avenue. The FIRST of its Kind, this concept attracts the younger generation as it encourages interaction and brings people together for a great time.